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How Logan Lifts Work and Technical Specifications

You can download our install spec. documents here.

Install Specifications for Logan 2 Stop Lift (PDF 616 kb)

Install Specifications for Logan 3 Stop Lift (PDF 616 kb)

Logan Elevators designs, manufactures and installs water-powered elevators for domestic residences.

These elevators are some of the most efficient and cost-effective in today's markets, run by re-cycling the water from a reservoir via a pump, meaning there is no water loss down a drain.

The elevator is made up of a hydraulic ram coupled to a platform which is the floor of the elevator itself. The platform then moves vertically within a specially constructed lift well.
The platform has an overlay of carpet which the customer chooses to suit their decor.

Operation of the lift is controlled electronically, with the doors electro-magnetically interlocked during use. The doors can be opened in an emergency and the elevator is supplied with an exterior mounted emergency alarm siren which is activated from within the lift. An option is the installation of a telephone inside the elevator.

The elevator is powered by a mains pressure water pump. This unit is capable of lifting 300kg and we can tailor make the weight and speed ratio to a higher level by up-grading the pump unit. The water is pumped out of a small plastic tank to the lift. When the lift comes down the water goes back to the tank. Hence the phrase "re-circulating water system".

The elevators are very easy to operate, being much the same to use as lifts in public buildings.

Domestic Lift - Technical Specifications

Code Compliance:

* NZBC D2 - An Alternative Solution
* Lift developed in 1995 to Australian Standards 1735.17 - 1995

Compliance History:

* Peter Ewart - Structural Engineer
* Certificate of Registration as an Independent Qualified Person

Contract Load:

* 250kg ascent time per floor - with 3 persons (varies according to pump)
* Standard Pump - 21 seconds
* Medium Pump - 18 seconds
* High Speed Pump - 14 seconds


* Direct acting hydraulic ram unit - Stainless Steel - 100mm dia with supported base
* Hot dipped galvanised spear
* Pipe rupture down speed limiting achieved by 16mm ram feed entry aperture


* Required only for unsuitable ground conditions. The ram when installed is backfilled with sand.


* Standard Pump - .75kw submersible pump in HD polythene reservoir, 500mm dia and 1.2m high resp
* Medium Pump - 1.1kw submersible pump in HD polythene reservoir, 500mm dia and 1.4m high resp
* High Speed Pump - 1.5kw submersible pump in HD polythene reservoir, 500mm dia and 1.7m high resp


* Rugged, P.L.C Electronic Controller, low voltage with battery backup descent facility.
* Push button control.
* LED indicators to display travelling direction and location if stopped at another landing.
* Electro-mechanical interlocking with tamper proof monitor contacts.
* Audible signal to indicate that the door is in unlock state.
* 120dB external emergency alarm.

Extras: A Telephone In Your Lift.

Lift Shaft:

* It is not recommended that your lift platform be smaller than 930 x 930
* Lift shaft interior must be smooth and resilient. It is not to have any protrusions or cavities.
* Standard ceiling height acceptable for moving floor system.
* Please make sure there is allocation for venting this is usually below lower floor level and above upper floor level.
* Full height shaft to be lined internally (by others) after installation of wiring looms.

Lift Pit:

* Lift pit is to be 400mm deep with passive drain or sump pump. Power and lighting is done by others.


* To be installed by others with an option of automatic control.

Landing Doors:

* Single leaf, hinged and manually operated - supplied and installed by others.
* It is very important that the side shutting into lift shaft is rendered flush to the lift lining.
* Logan Elevators supply all internal door fittings.

Machinery Space:

* It is preferable to have a dedicated place for the machinery.
* Refer to pump details and dimensions to allow the proper space. A cupboard is ideal if possible.
* Please have your tradesman supply a 10Amp single phase power.
* We also require Mains water feed and waste facility with a straight 80mm PVC conduit to the lift pit wall.

Work By Others:

* Vented lift pit, shaft and machinery space.
* Lift shaft to be framed lined and stopped.
* Supply and fit all landing doors this includes the space for the machinery room. And all door hardware to be supplied on outside of doors.
* If you wanted a telephone in your lift please supply a phone connection.

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